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Each image gallery contains 8 related images, some feature different views of the same object, some feature a selection of images from a collection, other galleries feature different items from across the collections that have a common theme.

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Right Up Your Street Right Up Your Street

Harry Cartlidge was a keen amateur photographer. He took images of everyday life in Hull and the surrounding area but these images are a little more extraordinary.

Love survives in our Museum's Love survives in our Museum's

Our museums in Hull have a large collection of objects relating to Valentine, love, romance and affection. These objects are varied and can be found across our museums in our galleries ranging from Art, photography, sculpture, tokens, cards and knitting sheaths. Read on to discover the love and romance in Hull Museums

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Sneezewort, Goat's Beard and Bog Bean Sneezewort, Goat's Beard and Bog Bean

A herbarium is a collection of dried plants and flowers mounted on paper, and stored, catalogued and arranged systematically for study. This Gallery shows an example of some herbarium sheets found in the Museum's natural history collection.