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Key Information

Theatre Royal, Hull - Peter the Great / The Wood Daemon
Object Name:
theatre bill
Location on Display:
Museum - Not Currently on display
Accession No:
Brief Description:
Theatre bill from the Theatre Royal, Hull, for Friday 18th February 1814, an evening for the benefit of Mr. Hall and 'by desire of the Captains of the Ships employed in the Greenland and Davis' Streights Whale Fisheries'. It will begin with a 'new historical Melo Drama, called Peter the Great; or, The Royal Ship Carpenter'. This will be followed by a 'scene representing The Greenland Whale Fishery' and a performance of 'Lots of Lots; or, Barton's not so big as Hull' by Mr. Harley. The evening will conclude with 'The Wood Daemon; or, The Clock Has Struck!'. Tickets are available from Mr. Firth, from Mr. Hall, 'at Mrs. Holmes's, Elephant and Castle Entry, Mytongate', and from William Rawson of Lowgate, the printer of the theatre bill.

Physical Information



Type Height Width Depth Diameter Weight
188[mm] 152[mm]