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The Amy Johnson Cup for Courage
Artist / Maker:
Edward Barnard & Sons Ltd
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<P>The cup is especially for children from Hull who have done something very brave. It was given to the city by Amy Johnson.</P> <P>Amy was a world famous pilot who was born in Hull. She was famous for flying alone from England to Australia. She was the first woman ever to do this. In Australia she was given some gold by the children of Sydney. Amy used this gold to have this cup made and then gave it to Hull.</P> <P>When Amy Johnson arrived in Australia she was presented with about £25 in gold which the children of Sydney had collected for her. On her return to Hull in 1930 she announced she would use this gold towards creating a challenge cup. It is inscribed “The Amy Johnson Cup for Courage”.</P> <P>When the cup is awarded it is for single acts of bravery only. It can only be given to children from within Hull’s city boundaries. It cannot be won by stunts or reckless actions and is often linked to saving people’s lives. The child who wins the honour has their photograph taken with the cup and is given a prize. Their actions are also recorded in a special book.</P> <P>Amy Johnson was born in 1903 at 154 St.George’s Road, Kingston-upon-Hull. She studied at Sheffield University and later became an air pioneer. She is most famous for her lone flight from Croydon, England to Port Darwin, Australia (5th May – 24th May 1930). This was undertaken in her Gypsy Moth aeroplane called The Jason. As part of this journey Johnson took the record time for England to India, and then flew onto Australia. She was the first woman to accomplish both feats.</P> <P>Amy served with the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) in the Second World War. She went missing while flying a mission over the Thames Estuary in 1941.</P>

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