On the move


Hull Museums has a wealth of early modes of transport, from fantastic state coaches and carriages, to vintage cars, bicycles and even a sleigh. Read about the evolution of our transport heritage in the following pages.

(image/jpeg) Carriages and Coaches

Coach, chariot, barouche, landau, cabriolet, britzschka, drag, victoria, and brougham, all names for different types of horse drawn vehicles of the middle and upper classes during the 19th century. Hull Museums has an important collection of all of the above vehicles on display at the Streetlife Museum. They represent an age of elegance and wealth that are rare survivals of their type. Here you will find an introduction to them and the world of carriage travel.

(image/jpeg) Bicycles

The invention of the bicycle was revolutionary for millions of people and continued to have an important place in everyday life right up to the present day. The first examples were uncomfortable and difficult to ride, but as they evolved they proved to be extremely popular means of transport for everyone.

(image/jpeg) Cars

Read about the collection of early motorcars from the very first days of motoring when they were nothing more than motorised horseless carriages. Open to the elements with a top speed of 4 miles per hour, they were hardly luxury travel, but they did offer independent transport for those that could afford such luxuries.