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Collectors and Collections

J.R. Mortimer and Thomas Sheppard (image/jpeg)

Museums are made up of many different collections spanning a diverse range of disciplines. Each with its own unique history of development. Throughout the museum's history, objects have been donated, bequeathed and purchased to form the collections we hold today. The buildings themselves have also changed over time, as new museums have opened, old ones have closed, and interior displays have been refurbished to present new exhibitions to the public.  Read about the Hull Museums' development, the collections we have and the collectors who contributed their life's work to the museum collections.


The museums have collections spanning a wide variety of disciplines, which as a whole have been collected through a variety of ways. This section explores specific collections within those disciplines, that have been collected by a collector with a specific motivation and then donated to the museum, or consist of a collection of objects that are related but have been collected over a period of time.

(image/jpeg) Buildings

Hull Museums Service began with the collections of the Hull Literary and Philosophical Society, and under the curatorship of Thomas Sheppard the Service and the collections grew, acquiring both buildings and specimens! Read on to find out more about the history of the museum buildings, what they used to display and how they have developed into the museums we have today.

(image/jpeg) Collectors

This section explores the stories behind the people who had a passion for collecting. Every collector has their own motivations for collecting, whether it's for scientific and historical study or just for a love of collecting those objects. Read on to find out about their lives, what they collected and what made them so enthusiastic about their chosen collection.