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Weird and wonderful

Detail of Roos Carr figures (image/jpeg)

This section concentrates on the Weird and wonderful collections we have at Hull Museums. These collections crop up in all the museums in Hull subjects including archaeology, art, natural history and Egyptian replicas.

excavation photograph (image/jpeg) Digging the Past

Archaeology is the scientific study of past cultures and the way people lived based on things they left behind. Objects give us information about groups of people, language, religion, technology and values and Hull Museums archaeological collection is wide and varied. The collections include, boats preserved from the Humber and the Roos Carr figures, Roman mosaics and other artefacts, coins and much much more. Read our narratives to learn more about the past peoples of Hull and the surrounding areas.

Insect draw (image/jpeg) The Natural World

Our planet has been home to an astonishing array of life over its long history. This section explores the amazing natural world around us using our collection of over 20,000 specimens of animals, insects, plants, fossils, minerals, rocks and meteorites to provide a window into the natural wonders of the past and present. Discover the diversity of life on our planet from pre-history to how we know it today, and how the natural world has been vital to the development of the human race.

Detail of figure (image/jpeg) Egypt

The discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun was a discovery which gripped the nation and the world. In 1924 a replica was made of the tomb objects. These objects are now in our collection. Read on to learn more about how the replicas are housed in Hull and why Howard Carter was outraged by them.

Fine art detail (image/jpeg) Brush Strokes

This section of the site explores the stories about works of art held across the museum service, from the 17th century right through to the 20th century. It also includes an insight into the early years of the Ferens Art Gallery, and the work of Harry Hudson Rodmell who produced wonderful poster designs for advertising the great cruise liners which sailed out of Hull.